For I Have Changed 

Lost. Not in who she is. Nor where she’ll be. But in the puppet show in which she’s the lead.

Disappointed. On a constant quest. Not for the dreams. But for the soul.

Torn. Between oceans. Longing for the world. Never not missing home.

Persistent. Always to rise. Not to be someone’s toy.

Certain. Failure she does not see, for a warrior she found within. 


-by Asja 

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As I’m currently sitting in at the Keflavik International Airport for my layover from Montreal back home to Amsterdam, I’m going through my Montreal photos and wishing I was still there. Thus, I’m sharing those with you as well as a vlog I shot whilst there. Hope you enjoy and I’ll be back soon!

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Dior Promotes Feminism With A 710$ T-shirt ?

Dear readers,

Welcome to the business of fashion.
Breaking news (not so breaking anymore, but as many have been seen sporting this look during PFW, and especially during 3rd March Dior show and particularly the pre-party, this remains relevant):
Dior is encouraging feminism by selling an overpriced piece of cotton.


Dior debuted a spring/summer collection in late September 2016 Paris Fashion Week  which incorporated a, what has become, the most desired T-shirt of the season (Congrats, Dior. You’ve beat Gucci. Copying their gift-to-blogger strategy has served you well.) While the message they are sending is a powerful one, and the one I agree with profoundly, I have trouble coming to terms with the means used.

How did it come to this? How did Dior start sending out political messages?
It began when Maria Grazia Chiuri took over, making her the first ever female artistic director of Dior. And in the efforts to make her debut strong in a divided world due to political events of the last year (i.e. the Donald Trump presidency- which I now vow never to talk about on my blog), she presented a collection that sent out a powerful message. As mentioned previously, I admire the efforts to do so and could not agree with the message more. The crucial area of disagreement between me and Chiuri is the way she chose to do this.

The famous, or in my view- infamous, T-shirt strutted down the runway paired with the heavily embellished midnight blue tulle skirt and sneakers. This was to become the most Instagrammed moment of the entire show, and possibly the whole of PFW SS17. So what went wrong? In my view, the two key factors: the price-point and the lack of acknowledgment of the person who wrote the book that holds the same title.

This piece of cotton comes at a staggering price of 710$ and is only to be in stores in May 2017. While the proceeds of the shirt are rumored to be going to a charity, the message this T-shirt is supposed to make should not cost. And it should especially not come at that cost. This way, Chiuri proved a misconception about feminism belonging to white upper-class privileged women. I only wish this was taken into account when deciding on the cost of this powerful item that has divided the fashion industry by storm.

The second area of disagreement Chiuri and I have is the lack of spotlight on the woman who wrote a book-length essay titled

We Should All Be Feminists. 

This Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie also gave a fantastic Ted talk on the subject and I highly recommend you watch it .(
While she was seen sitting in the crowds at the Dior show that took place 3 days ago, the majority pursuing this ‘trend’ do not know of her existence. That to me is telling of Dior’s marketing strategies and while there was no breach in terms of Intellectual Property, specifically copyright, there is a moral breach in pursuing such a strategy.

Dior is now making millions just with its new campaign Dio(R)evolution that started out with this T-shirt. Even though the proceeds of the actual shirt are not going to Dior, Dior has used this as a business opportunity to rebrand and generate millions from sales of the collection the T-shirt comes from, rather than send an actual message.
That, my dears, is the reality of the business of fashion.

What’s to happen next? Oh yes, we just wait for Zara to copy. Damn, Zara, your IP legal team must have their hands full…

Until next time!
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All opinions are my own.
This Blogpost does in no way aim to harm the brands mentioned. It is merely expressing views on an emerging trend.


Motivation Mondays | How To: Find Motivation and Inspiration Whenever Wherever

Dearest fashion enthusiasts and workaholics,

(Have you been able to relate to those first 5 words? Yes? -Continue reading!)

Welcome to my new series called Motivation Mondays where I will be posting every Monday (duh, self-explanatory) about different topics within the sphere of achieving your goals, improving your career prospects and following your dreams (i hate this phrase, so cliché).

As I stayed up last night until 5am, and this is, unfortunately, not a lonely occasion in my life, I wondered about success and motivation. I am someone who is constantly searching for more motivation and inspiration because I deem those two to be the key ingredients to success, whichever field you’re in or want to go into. Thus, I started evaluating certain periods of my life that, in my own view, were not something I would categorize as successful. What I found to be missing at those stages were motivational and inspirational surroundings. I have realized that being in the right environment is not just helpful, but can singlehandedly influence your achievements.

I, personally, do not have a single environment in which I operate the best, but I do have environments that inspire me, not just for the time being, but beyond. The biggest source of inspiration for me is travel. Not just any travel, but travelling to locations such as London, a vibrant workaholic city that will never fail to give you enough energy to sustain you for a couple of months. And if travel is not something you can afford whenever you feel a little down, or not motivated enough, find an environment that does that, that is still somewhat on budget. Go on an excursion. Find that drive that made you do what you’re doing in the first place. Is it the people? Surround yourself with them. Is it the cause? Remind yourself of it. Is it purely the money? (I don’t judge) Visit an expensive restaurant or a luxury store to remind yourself of what you’re working towards.
The solution is very simple.

B E  Y O U R  O W N  M U S E .

Find your own drive. Evaluate where your motivation stems from and seek it. Surround yourself with people you find inspiring and supportive.

Beat your Monday blues by thinking about where you wanna be and finding the way to get there. The first step is to get motivated and start working.

Eyes on the prize kiddos 😉
Stay stylish and ambitious,

What I Eat In A Day | Vegan

Hey guys, I’m back with a What I Eat In A Day post!

I filmed a little video for you, just to give you an overview as to what my typical day as a vegan looks like! I hope you love it and send me requests for what you want me to do next!

Until next time!
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