On Being Me.

I play hide and seek and jump fences at dusk. Just cause I want to feel alive. So I fall in love, not once, but a hundred times. And stay up late, not counting sheep, but piecing together broken dreams. And then I dream in screaming color about people I’ve never seen…and melodies that don’t exist. When I wake up to go about my day, I play with my hair and fix my red lipstick at least two times a day. I value time, and look for souls that may be lost in life. And when I’m down, I find purpose in the smallest of things, cause my eyes still sparkle after broken dreams. This is life with being me and I don’t think I would change a thing.

-by Asja



A gasp of wind from far within,

Reaching out for you and me,

And just like that time stood still,

At the crack of dawn,

Not knowing what would be. 

-by Asja

Fast Train

True as the wind from east

life with you had little ease;

Like a fast train your look would strike, 

straight through that mask of glass.

-by Asja

For I Have Changed 

Lost. Not in who she is. Nor where she’ll be. But in the puppet show in which she’s the lead.

Disappointed. On a constant quest. Not for the dreams. But for the soul.

Torn. Between oceans. Longing for the world. Never not missing home.

Persistent. Always to rise. Not to be someone’s toy.

Certain. Failure she does not see, for a warrior she found within.


-by Asja

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