I could feel the knives from afar. Entering, turning, waiting for me to die. My mind was screaming, my heart was bleeding, as the memories faded away. But the one I still hold on to is of that deadly stare.

-by Asja


When we died.

I couldn’t walk
I couldn’t breathe
Why’d you have to cut my wings?
Before you I could always fly
And never care about a guy

This fall was strange, I hit hard
Just when I thought my life was fine
My wildest dreams were far from you
Yet you creeped in as nightmare fuel

Those are the echoes I still play back
From that Sunday we first met
Because you knew I’d always leave
I don’t believe the sudden fear

Now I’m running, running fast
So your voice doesn’t reach my heart
I never cared for long goodbyes
But then you vanished, so I craved for one

For all I have are empty seats
Right there where we used to meet
Back when your eyes sparkled through the night
Before they turned to glacial ice

All I can is play pretend
That those long hours nothing meant
And that I’m fine with how we are
Hundred to a zero overnight.

-by Asja


Did our flame just burn to embers?

and here I thought you were my candle.

My insanity was overruled,

by a mouth that spoke for two.

-by Asja


An hourglass was on my mind,

as your voice echoed through the night,

so here’s the story of you and I,

we had it all, except for time;


Now everything is just a blur,

as it happened in a moment’s spur,

and all I can is leave it to burn,

as I walk away as a batailleuse.

-by Asja 




A gasp of wind from far within,

Reaching out for you and me,

And just like that time stood still,

At the crack of dawn,

Not knowing what would be. 

-by Asja

Fast Train

True as the wind from east

life with you had little ease;

Like a fast train your look would strike, 

straight through that mask of glass.

-by Asja

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