High On Believing.


When we died.

I couldn’t walk
I couldn’t breathe
Why’d you have to cut my wings?
Before you I could always fly
And never care about a guy

This fall was strange, I hit hard
Just when I thought my life was fine
My wildest dreams were far from you
Yet you creeped in as nightmare fuel

Those are the echoes I still play back
From that Sunday we first met
Because you knew I’d always leave
I don’t believe the sudden fear

Now I’m running, running fast
So your voice doesn’t reach my heart
I never cared for long goodbyes
But then you vanished, so I craved for one

For all I have are empty seats
Right there where we used to meet
Back when your eyes sparkled through the night
Before they turned to glacial ice

All I can is play pretend
That those long hours nothing meant
And that I’m fine with how we are
Hundred to a zero overnight.

-by Asja


Did our flame just burn to embers?

and here I thought you were my candle.

My insanity was overruled,

by a mouth that spoke for two.

-by Asja


An hourglass was on my mind,

as your voice echoed through the night,

so here’s the story of you and I,

we had it all, except for time;


Now everything is just a blur,

as it happened in a moment’s spur,

and all I can is leave it to burn,

as I walk away as a batailleuse.

-by Asja 




A gasp of wind from far within,

Reaching out for you and me,

And just like that time stood still,

At the crack of dawn,

Not knowing what would be. 

-by Asja

Fast Train

True as the wind from east

life with you had little ease;

Like a fast train your look would strike, 

straight through that mask of glass.

-by Asja

Girl Power

To the girl feeling lost, sad or confused,
to the girl inside you that you don’t want to lose,
to the tear that of helplessness does not speak,
but the one of magnitude of your own personality.

For all the times that you’ve been bored,
and those that they tried to have you torn,
for your aura of success bespoke,
and by it they were left in awe.

Yet the feeling was just of shock,
for you left them with a goal,
the intimidated you did not pursue,
nor did you stop for a simple ‘i do’ .

To settle down was not the hurdle,
but just to settle for you was unheard-of,
as you wanted someone who the world circled,
and not those who a globe only doodled.

The stem of the desire became a burden,
as your goodbye was a safety curtain ,
for a little crazy you always longed,
and when it arrived it left you torn.

And the days of courting became a memory,
as they only saw it as male victory,
after that forced dominance you did not lust,
for men forgot how to earn their rights.

-by Asja


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