Motivation Mondays | How To: Find Motivation and Inspiration Whenever Wherever

Dearest fashion enthusiasts and workaholics,

(Have you been able to relate to those first 5 words? Yes? -Continue reading!)

Welcome to my new series called Motivation Mondays where I will be posting every Monday (duh, self-explanatory) about different topics within the sphere of achieving your goals, improving your career prospects and following your dreams (i hate this phrase, so cliché).

As I stayed up last night until 5am, and this is, unfortunately, not a lonely occasion in my life, I wondered about success and motivation. I am someone who is constantly searching for more motivation and inspiration because I deem those two to be the key ingredients to success, whichever field you’re in or want to go into. Thus, I started evaluating certain periods of my life that, in my own view, were not something I would categorize as successful. What I found to be missing at those stages were motivational and inspirational surroundings. I have realized that being in the right environment is not just helpful, but can singlehandedly influence your achievements.

I, personally, do not have a single environment in which I operate the best, but I do have environments that inspire me, not just for the time being, but beyond. The biggest source of inspiration for me is travel. Not just any travel, but travelling to locations such as London, a vibrant workaholic city that will never fail to give you enough energy to sustain you for a couple of months. And if travel is not something you can afford whenever you feel a little down, or not motivated enough, find an environment that does that, that is still somewhat on budget. Go on an excursion. Find that drive that made you do what you’re doing in the first place. Is it the people? Surround yourself with them. Is it the cause? Remind yourself of it. Is it purely the money? (I don’t judge) Visit an expensive restaurant or a luxury store to remind yourself of what you’re working towards.
The solution is very simple.

B E  Y O U R  O W N  M U S E .

Find your own drive. Evaluate where your motivation stems from and seek it. Surround yourself with people you find inspiring and supportive.

Beat your Monday blues by thinking about where you wanna be and finding the way to get there. The first step is to get motivated and start working.

Eyes on the prize kiddos 😉
Stay stylish and ambitious,


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