A Parisian Dream: Day 1

Dear travellers, dreamers and life lovers,

A couple of days ago I opened my travelling season aka the end of Uni with a trip to Paris with one of my besties. After first visiting it in October last year, Paris has quickly become my safe haven. A plus side of having visited a city already is that you don’t have to run around doing all the touristy things, but you get to relax and enjoy it much more. With that said, after a very stressful academic year, I’ve been craving inspiration and, for me, that comes in form of art. So where else would I go if not to Paris.
That is why we started off the trip with a day entirely dedicated to Museums.
These were taken at the Musée du Louvre:

After Louvre, it was time for Musée d’Orsay.
Its selection of Van Gogh was striking as I believed most of his ‘more famous’ work would be at the his museum in Amsterdam.
And a visit to this museum would not be complete without a photo by the famous clock which overlooks the city.


We wrapped up the day by a visit to the incredibly aesthetic and airy Musée de l’Orangerie.


We finished off the day in true granny style, falling asleep before 9pm (with a cheeky wine bottle and a chick-flick).

More about our following days in Paris coming soon!
Lots of love,

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Vegan Easter Brunch Ⓥ

Hello loves,

Happy Easter to all those celebrating! Today, me and Ana hosted a brunch for which we’ve spent the entire afternoon and night yesterday in the kitchen making our food delicious and aesthetic. If you’re into really pretty food, this is a post for you. Enjoy the pictures and the video and let me know if you want a recipe for any of the dishes!

DSC_0285 2DSC_0288 2DSC_0297 2DSC_0290 2DSC_0292DSC_0283 3

Until next time!
Stay stylish and ambitious,

Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons: An Investment to Make?

Dear readers,

as many of you may know, Louis Vuitton launched their collaborative collection with Jeff Koons on April 11th at the Louvre. Ever since the very first pictures popped up, I’ve been wondering about both the artistic and the investment value of the collection, hence, I decided to share my views.

The collection features copies of artwork by Da Vinci, Titien, Rubens, Fragonard and Van Gogh and its a dream come true to any artlover. However, I believe it’s on the very thin line of being a well-carried-off  intellectual property infringement. Moreover, speaking from a purely fashion side, none of the pieces are bold or extravagant, they are just unexpected and indisputably not to be incorporated into ready-to-wear, which, thus, makes them into collectors’ pieces.
This leads me to my next question: Does this collection have true investment value?
Considering the design, the lack of originality in the bigger picture and the interest from the buyers expressed thus far, it is a safe speculation that this collection will be just a boom when it hits the stores on April 28th which will get little interest after a couple of interest.
Thus, judging by the trends in the fashion market in the last couple of years and what pieces are worth the investment in regards to the resale market, this collection is unlikely to be it.
I am interested in more opinions on the collection from anyone who’s invested in the market, so shoot me an email at asja.zolotovna@gmail.com.

Until next time,

Best Cafes In Utrecht

Hello my loves,

Today I thought I’d share with you a couple of my favorite places to grab coffee in Utrecht.
As someone who prefers to study in cafes, I find choosing the right spot to do so indispensable. Even if you’re not going to work or study, these are still the spots with best coffee, staff and atmosphere.

#1 Lucas

This gem is close to the Utrecht city centre and has the most hospitable staff I’ve come across in town. My personal favorite drink there is a soy chai tea latte, which is served with a small piece of a matcha date bar, as is every other coffee drink.

FullSizeRender 5

#2 Gys

Even though Gys is much more of a restaurant than a cafe, you’ll often find me there enjoying an espresso (or two), as it’s undoubtedly the best one in town.  And if you want to turn your study session into a meal, they offer the best vegan and vegetarian options!


#3 Noen

And the last one is the one that is near and dear to my heart as it’s a personal favorite of anyone who goes to my Uni, due to its proximity to campus. Noen, with its coziness and a quiet atmosphere makes for the best study spot!


Until next time!

Stay stylish and ambitious,